Friday, July 07, 2006

i want to be famous for falling in love.

There are a few albums that I've been sitting on, waiting until I'm able to spend a proportionate amount of time reviewing them as I have spent listening to them. I am also a sucker for the element of surprise, or "burying the hook," so I've tried to not even mention them. But that is a bad habit to have in this realm of blogdom, and in this abbreviated (due to time constraints) post, I'd just like to share a couple of my favorite songs from artists I intend on posting more thoroughly about just as soon as I can. These, for the most part are from records I've had a difficult time getting away from, and those (while they make listening to new material more difficult) are my favorite kind.
Thanks to Jasen for two wondrous suggestions.
Have a magical Jamboree weekend.

Canada's "Beige Stationwagon"
Flying's "Falling Leaves"
Cass McCombs' "I Went To The Hospital"
More Dogs' "Teenage Bunker"
Tunng's "Mother's Daughter"


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