Saturday, July 01, 2006

most of the time i think it's awesome.

I inadvertently discovered a girly pop group that I adore, even at a late hour after an exhausting week and couldn't help but make sharing them with you the last thing I do before turning in.
They're called Best Friends Forever (BFF, obviously) and they consist of Briana Smith and Jessica Seamans of Minneapolis. Other characters show up and play as a part of the ensemble, and the songs WILL NOT force you into an introspective state. They play fun songs with cute melodies and a low-fi approach and they pull it off with bells and whistles. Well, a jangly guitar and whistles.
I don't have much more information on BFF; not even a MySpace link. But I know the following rumors and secrets about them:
Jes can be seen for about a minute in the background of a restaurant scene in the film Untamed Heart, filmed in Minneapolis and starring Christian Slater. Jes didn't get to meet him, but one of the other extras did.
An early incarnation of BFF wrote a song called "We'd Hold Hands With a Juggalo," but when they played it at their first show, some angry MCAD students/Juggalos-in-training tried to spray Karl with a mixture of their urine and Cola-flavored Faygo.
Bri used to tell people that she had a secret to tell them, and then when the other person leaned in to hear the secret, she'd belch really loud in their ear. This was funny about five times. It happened way more times than that.
When Alison (drums) joined the band, Jes and Bri took her to a graveyard and made her lay in a coffin with an exhumed corpse for three hours. Then they beat her with chains, like the gangs do.
Be BFFs with BFF until 2081 when, coincidentally, you'll finally be able to get that song out of your head. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.

Best Friends Forever's "2081"
"How BFF Breaks It Off With Movie Stars"
& "The BFF Theme Song"


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