Thursday, August 03, 2006

you won't go back where you came from.

I believe I've already admitted that my attempt at a theme week with "Don't Write Off Saddle Creek" in April was simply a way to feel less guilty about wanted to post about Maria Taylor and Now It's Overhead in such close proximity. In truth, it's been hard to not write about Now It's Overhead every week. They've been a sleeper favorite of mine as it took me a while to realize how much I actually adored them.
In any case, Andy LeMaster and company's third album, Dark Light Daybreak, will be released on September 12th (slightly over a month from now). You can pre-order it from Saddle Creek's online store and they'll ship it before September 1st. I highly suggest you do so. Now It's Overhead is a phenomenal outfit of exquisitely produced songs of a dream-like clarity. The scene in a movie where the main character is faced with finding himself and drives through a gorgeous landscape but the camera focuses on the rain drops falling in slow motion on the windshield and sneaking sideways, out of frame. He's listening to Now It's Overhead (or possibly Calexico) and finds true inspiration. Listen to two great songs from the band's first two albums on their MySpace and two great songs from their third just a couple hundred pixels downward.

Now It's Overhead's "Let the Sirens Rest"
& "Let Up"
from Dark Light Daybreak

BONUS: Now It's Overhead's "The Book of Love" (Magnetic Fields cover)
from Wait In A Line single

Didn't I say I'd be talking about the Chin Up Chin Up mix CD? I did. I will.
For now, tell me: Do you like the YouTube additions? I can just as easily not make the effort. Let me know.


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