Friday, July 21, 2006

we can leave them on their feet for the night.

I've mentioned before my affinity for Headlights. I believe they're the next quintessential Polyvinyl band to say the least. After branching out from Absinthe Blind and Maserati, Erin, Brett and Tristan made their voices heard with four songs on a mail-order exclusive EP through Polyvinyl Records. The band found their niche mixing rock instrumentation with keyboards, pedal steel, violin, glockenspiel, electronics and boy/girl harmonies. The result sold out quickly and Polyvinyl reissued the EP as a full-fledged release with proper distribution in November.
Earlier this year, Headlights released a split 7" with Arts & Crafts' Most Serene Republic, and have their debut full-length scheduled for release in just one month. Kill Them With Kindness is available for pre-order now and will ship almost two full weeks early. The LP is fourteen tracks in length and allows the trio to flex their muscles musically as well as with naming songs. The titles "Songy Darko," "Hi-Ya!," "Words Make You Tired," and "I Love, You Laugh" alone are evidence that these folks love what they do, but the songs on the album themselves are what really put Headlights ahead of the crowd.
Headlights are offering a remarkable four free downloadable songs on their website, and what better way to get stoked about spending ten dollars? Visit their website for the downloads, and visit
Polyvinyl to pre-order the album.
And see my last short Headlights post here.

Headlights' "Put Us Back Together Right"
& "Lullabies"
from Kill Them With Kindness


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