Thursday, July 20, 2006

they only got god and sports.

There are just under eleven weeks until the release of Make Believe's second full-length album. October third is the date that the hard working gentlemen from Chicago have scheduled to release their sophomore effort as Make Believe, the sweatier, rockinger branch of the Joan of Arc tree. Speaking of whom, Joan of Arc (which shares Make Believe's members with several rotating additions) have two releases hitting shelves this coming Tuesday. I wrote a great deal about the band and the albums in early June.
The point is that Tim, Bobby, Nate and Sam work themselves to the bone. Their debut LP was released 364 days prior to their second's release date, which was just under five months after their debut EP was released. As Make Believe toured with Cursive, they gave out two song sampler CD's to get us excited for Of Course's October release. (Stop saying release.) These two new songs hit me the way the EP songs did. They are exciting and fresh, wildly original, and hint heavily that the future holds great things.
I realize that I missed Tuesday as a Spotlight day, so please refer back to my comprehensive Joan of Arc Spotlight, and brush up with these Make Believe tunes. I couldn't recommend "Pat Tillman, Emmitt Till" any more highly. You'll move around as if you are Thom Yorke or Tim Kinsella himself "dancing" to the many rhythms, melodies and ideas in your head.

Make Believe's
"Britt's Favorite"
& "Temping As A Shaman"
from Make Believe EP

Make Believe's "Say What You Mean"
& "One Zero"
from Shock of Being

Make Believe's "Pat Tillman, Emmitt Till"
& "A Song About Camping"
from Of Course


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