Monday, August 14, 2006

that crazy avenue of trees, i'm living there still.

I held off on picking up The Life Pursuit by Belle and Sebastian until I could find a reasonably priced limited edition book copy. That day was yesterday, and it was as worth the wait as it was a mistake to not have listened to it for however many months it's been since the release.
As far as my writing goes, you'd be better suited re-reading the Shelly Blake and Eric Bachmann write-ups. Sunday is a much easier day to write. As far as reasons to go back to Belle and Sebastian or pick them up for the first time, you're in the right spot. I honestly hadn't given B&A the time of day until 2006, but better late than never.

Belle and Sebastian's "Another Sunny Day"
& "For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea"
from The Life Pursuit

How about this... Leave a comment giving some type of little-known or well-known fact about Belle and Sebastian. You could even explain the first time you heard (of) B&A or your favorite song or album.
Anything you want. You do the research or inspiration drawing today.
I'll go to sleep, exhausted.
Thank you for your continued supporting of no one is awake.


Blogger Barry Lutz said...

I will leave a joke told by Zach Galifianakis on his DVD Look Who It Isn't, which I am in the good fortune of owning.

"I wrote a joke to combine the two worlds of crass comedians with no taste and the art crowd: yeah, so I named my testicles the other day - I named them Belle and Sebastian! Oh, guys, I'm have a wonderful personality once you get to know me..."

11:40 PM  
Anonymous michael said...

here are two interviews with stuart murdoch of B&S that will tell you everything (mostly) you want to know about the band...

10:29 AM  

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