Saturday, August 05, 2006

they will never trust us.

31 Knots aren't my favorite band in the world, but when I do delve back into their albums, they welcome me. I looked into obtaining their back catalog when they signed to Polyvinyl last year and was both blown away at times and underwhelmed at others. The trio from Portland play a varied style of progressive indie rock with standout elements of guitar trickery, start and stop rock drums (courtesy of former Dilute drummer Jay Pellicci), and excellent vocal work from the less than perfect sounding voice of Joe Haege.
Polyvinyl gently remided me what 31 Knots are capable on their latest sampler, What To Do With Everything. 31 Knots are featured twice on the sampler, but shine notably on the otherwise unreleased "Vanish." They shine so brightly that I couldn't resist sharing it and hope it will be included on the next release. They will be mixing their next album, The Days and Nights of Everything Everywhere, soon and will more than likely release it in early 2007.

31 Knots' "Vanish"
from What To Do With Everything (A Polyvinyl Sampler)

There's a lot more to smile about on this sampler that I won't be quiet about for long. I guarantee it.


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