Sunday, August 13, 2006

i hope it's clear and that you understand.

Oh my word. Last night's meteor showers must have aligned the stars and planets just right such that today's second review is of another American roots folk singer whose work simply stunned me.
Along with Cursive's Happy Hollow, I received Eric Bachmann's To The Races this weekend, and damned if I wasn't thrilled to listen to either one. While I still have yet to listen past the first new Cursive song, the debut solo Eric Bachmann album was just what I needed.
Stop. Read the Shelly Blake post immediately below this, and then return to this spot...
Towards the end of that sermon, the open ears of the congregation hear gently plucked guitar strings through the stained glass windows and are immediately enchanted. The melody gets closer, the church doors open, and the community's long lost son tip toes inside. He's returned from his country spanning soul searching. His voice couldn't sound sweeter to those who cried the day he left.
Eric Bachmann is the voice of Crooked Fingers, one of Seattle's finer rock bands, whose 2005 Merge album, Dignity and Shame, was considered Bachmann's masterpiece. Bachmann spent the next several months that year voluntarily living in his van and writing inspired folk songs that would comprise To The Races.
Between this album alone and Now It's Overhead's Dark Light Daybreak (due 9/12/06), Saddle Creek is having a completely solid year, though I believe Ladyfinger (NE)'s album will rank next to xbxrx's Sixth in Sixes in my book. That's all beside the point. Eric Bachmann has been impressing his listeners for quite some time. But he's got one more true fan today, and is bound to gain more on his upcoming tour with Richard Buckner.
Oh my good word. Crooked Fingers covered Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure" with gusto?

Eric Bachmann's "Carrboro Woman"
& "Lonesome Warrior"
from To The Races

BONUS: Crooked Fingers' "Under Pressure"
from Reservoir Songs

BONUS: Crooked Fingers' "Dignity and Shame"
from Dignity and Shame


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