Thursday, August 10, 2006

i don't want to be lost.

Another brief downloadless update due to a draining week...

Philadelphia's Hail Social seems to be growing up at an irregular pace. Mike prompted me to mention them a little while ago, and I still urge you to give their debut a turn or two. But I'm growing increasingly interested in where they're headed. The guys are hosting a new song every week or so from their recently recorded sophomore album. While I would guess that Polyvinyl is still interested in releasing the album, I believe that is as yet unconfirmed.
The point is that the first of these new songs is "Heaven" and is surprisingly gentle with it's prodding you to join the couples skate. Again, these guys have an irregular sound that would stage them comfortably in the video game section of a run down and mostly empty roller rink. Dim lights and slow-moving mirror ball spots fall on the fairly gothic looking crew toning their regular songs down a bit.

I have no idea what I just said. Listen to "Heaven" on Hail Social's MySpace.


Anonymous michael said...

i think i could decipher what you were saying - that they are awesome! damn, i can't believe i missed "heaven". hopefully they'll add a new track soon. nice heads up...

10:03 AM  

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