Friday, August 25, 2006

i'm playing the part of the playwright.

To be honest, Get Him Eat Him sounds more like a band I'd go nuts about two years ago. To be fair, that's not such a horrible trait. To be honest again, I still have a place for them today. They are a fun pop rock (emphasis on pop) quintet from our country's geographically smallest state, that have no problem making intelligent songs sound fun and uber-danceable. They are signed to Absolutely Kosher, a label that is quite familiar with left-of-center pop, having released material by The Hidden Cameras, The Mountain Goats, Pinback, +/-, Sunset Rubdown, Xiu Xiu, and (do not vocally admit to enjoying) Goblin Cock.
My introduction was through my new inspiration, Catbirdseat. I also, found room in my collection for their latest homemade EP, Get Him Eat Him Challenges YOU to a Game of Basketball, complete with a toy basketball game. You can take them up on their challenge by purchasing the EP, or any of their other recorded works at their shop. Also, you can listen to more songs on their sammichey MySpace.

Get Him Eat Him's "Exposure"
from Do As I Tell You EP

Get Him Eat Him's "Present Tenses"
from Challenges You To A Game Of Basketball EP

The release of Owen's At Home With Owen is drawing nearer, and Mike has just updates his own MySpace with a second album track ("Use Your Words") and a song even newer than his yet-to-be-released new album. The demo version of "A Fever" is of course that song that he's played with the stunning "You f*cked a fever in me" opening line.


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