Wednesday, May 17, 2006

jesus sometimes makes a better door than a window.

Short post tonight, but in no way lacking in it's ability to musically blow you away. Here's the skinny. Memomena = Menomenamazing. Danny of Menomena = Lackthereof. Lackthereof = Lackthereoverwhelmingly amazing. Sigh. Puns = Difficult.
Lackthereof, a solo side-project of Menomena's Danny Seim is actually just the inverse. Seim had self-released five albums alone, before joining forces with his two comrades of Menomena (a side project for his solo work). He released Christian the Christian! through FILM guerrero, which has released Menomena's critically acclaimed debut I Am The Fun Blame Monster and modern dance soundtrack Under An Hour. Danny's Lackthereof website has several songs from his albums and is very easy to manage and understand. The same cannot be said for the still enjoyable Menomena site.
I recognize that I have failed to describe a lick of music here, but there're just no good ways to tell listeners what they're in for with either Menomena or Lackthereof. Best to just open up and say 'Awh-some!' G.D. Puns.

Lackthereof's "Let U Down As Good As I Did!"
& "Fear of Rapture"
from Christian the Christian!

Addendum #1: Scroll back up. Those websites are worth your time. As are both MySpace accounts: Mmmenomena & Lllackthereof.

Addendum #2: Islands show tomorrow night = Short post tomorrow, riddles with Swaaans excitement.

Addendum #3: Ashley owns every single one of you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha. I like it. Islands tonight! At Beachland? I hope so. Anyway, Happy early Anniversary. I love you!

7:01 AM  

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