Saturday, May 20, 2006

cowboys, foxes, & seals. oh my.

I've been meaning to shine a light on Chicago and Brilliante's Sharks and Seals for a while. At it's core a duo, this outfit created a dazzling album largely from documenting improvised music. Swirling around hushed fragmental guitarwork that I have come to attribute to Chicago and Joan of Arc-ians are blips, sweet vocals and appearances from Tim Kinsella and Ryan Rhapsys to name a few. None of these things should be too surprising considering that half of the band's skeleton had been a contributor to Joan of Arc and a full-fledged band member during the quintessential The Gap era. It Used To Be Knobs And Machines Now It's Numbers And Light. is mostly an album full of great twilight music with moments that jar you from a lull in a refreshingly pleasant manner.
What propmted me to bring up Sharks and Seals today was a discovery of two bands from Utah that share that (in my mind) Chicago feel. I truly know very little about either band other than that they share a member and one has opened for Limbeck. The bands are Cowboys Aren't Indians and Foxes In The Attic. It'll be a little bit of a role reversal. I'll provide the songs and you dish out the information about their creators. Really. I'd truly like to know.

Sharks and Seals' "Expand Against Forward Movement"
"4-Way Stop"
& "Argentine" (featuring Tim Kinsella and Amy Cargill)
It Used To Be Knobs And Machines Now It's Numbers And Light.

Foxes In The Attic's "Creature of Tonight"
& "Rabid Wolves Whistling"

Cowboys Aren't Indians' "Bob The Builder"
& "A Quiet Life Inside"


Blogger gavin said...

Foxes in the Attic is currently haitus. Drummer-Gavin Feller is frontman for band Cowboys arent indians which was disassembled 4 years ago and re-uniting now-Nov. 2009!! The future of foxes in the attic is unknown--Cowboys aren't indians has recruited Josh(vocals and guitar) from Foxes in the attic for their reunion show Nov. 2009. Check out cowboys arent indians at myspace for details about the show.

7:52 PM  
Blogger Reed Winters said...

Brilliant dudes. Absolutely brilliant.

1:28 AM  

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